Banned in Boston?!

Actually, I don’t  know whether Hunga Dunga has even made it to Boston yet.  I have had no sightings there.  Never know, though.  Hunga Dunga was sighted in Livingston, NJ.  That’s practically New York and boy are THEY in for a surprise when they read the book.  But that’s about it for the east coast so far.  Tons of email from the west coast and down under.  I don’t understand why it’s taking so long to become a national bestseller; make me rich and famous, and be recognized for the literary masterpiece that it is.  Maybe it’s too sexy.  I’m sure that’s it.

On the otherhand, if the money isn’t rolling in, if Colbert, Stewart, or Maher haven’t yet invited me to be on their show… (I’m talking to YOU Bill!)… I am being compensated in grand measures, by the  love of people I haven’t heard from or seen in years.  It is magical and awesome.  Six degrees of separation?  How ’bout five, no… four, no… three, no… two, no… ONE.  Yes!

That’s what’s happening.  I am hearing from people with whom I lost a connection.  People I knew a long time ago and loved, now loving again as if for the first time.  People I am just beginning to know, and already loving as if I’ve known them forever.  People I am going to meet, and going to love, because each of them is connected  to another who ultimately is connected to me.  It’s inevitable.  The common denominator for a connection seems to be love.  I have already learned how quickly reconnections can occur and how quickly they spread and how interlocked all of the connections are.  Just think how much love that is!   Almost every night I get a phone call.  “Phil, you’re never going to guess who this is.”  Or “Phil… this is a voice from your distant past.”

And that alone… that resurgence of love and connectedness, is worth the 11 years of work I put into writing Hunga Dunga.  That’s why I wrote it.  I hope the grapevine grows exponentially so our brothers and sisters all over the world can get in on the fun.  Until six degrees of separation become one.

Looking very forward to reading in San Francisco and in Sonoma.  (Check the website for details,

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One thought on “Banned in Boston?!

  1. Debby

    ONE LOVE….that means to me there is no degrees of separation. Phil, it has been so inspiring and fun thus far. You put your naked self out there in all it’s vulnerabilty to love and criticize. I thank you.
    My Mom actually enjoyed reading Hunga Dunga, but for her 87 year old self, she thought the sex parts were too explicit.
    I am excited to see this forum move on to deeper conversations about how communal living of the past effects today. And I have this curiosity about the validity of the online community. Will years from now our kids being doing a “back to the computer” movement?
    Meanwhile, I’m trying to learn to “twitter”…Debby, the earth mama..xoxo



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