Goa Hippie Tribe!

Brothers and sisters,

Today, I came across a clip from the Documentary, Goa Hippy Tribe.  It was an interview with Rose Baudin.  Yes!  The same Rosie from Hunga Dunga!  My heart almost burst at seeing her again, albeit in video footage.  In the brief clip, she refers to some of the amazing adventures Jon, Rosie and Giacco had during their long sojourn in Sri Lanka and India.

The clip does not include details of how she found her Guru and her life that preceded her transformation.  But Hunga Dunga does fill in some of those gaps.  It fills in some of those early experiences that would create forks in the road.  She always chose the fork that lead to Self-realization and she would find the universe leading her to Goa, Australia, Bali,  the South Pacific Islands, etc.

Much of Hunga Dunga is about the journey of Rosie, Jon, and Giacco… from Sabino Canyon outside of Tucson, to the Peace Sign House on the beach in Goa and Alejandro, that crazy Spaniard.

I have to share this with you, because this morning is just too cosmic!!  Much peace and love upon all of us!


I LORF you, Rose!  And for those that have read Hunga Dunga, you will know what I mean.



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