The Problem with Hippies!

Hey brothers and sisters! It’s the unapologetic hippie here and I had a dream last night. It was beautiful… mystical… profound. And I woke up understanding what our problem is. We hippies know too fucking much! Yeah, I know that sounds awfully egotistical, but it’s true and it’s the cause of much of our frustration with the way the world is turning out.

But the fact is we have experienced the infinite, the connectedness of all beings and everything in the universe. And because of that, we find it difficult to understand the greed and selfishness which create such disparities in wealth. That some should revel in gross excesses of plenty and pleasures, while others suffer, starve, and wallow in misery.

While quantum physicists probe the tiniest particles that border on pure energy and speculate on what lies beyond, hippies have already been there and back. And we can tell you from experience that as you journey through inner space, getting deeper and deeper into our beings, once we lose our egos, we come out the other side reborn into outer space. It is infinity. It has no beginning and no end. It is like the simple and elegant Moebius Strip. Forget what that is? Here, let me show you. It was conceived by the 19th C. German mathematician, August Moebius.

If it were large enough you could walk this strip and return to your starting point, having covered both sides of the strip, never knowing which side was which. Like following the fine line between Yin and Yang. If you try to split this strip down the middle, you only create a larger Moebius Strip! No wonder this has become the very symbol for infinity. It goes on forever, without a beginning or end.

Hippies weren’t the first to experience infinity. Many prophets have had this revelation. Why they felt the need to “dumb” down the message to their followers, I don’t know, but they chose to call this revelation “God” or the “Father.” So whenever you hear or read a prophet of any religion referring to God or the Father, just replace those words with the word “Infinity” and it will make a whole lot more sense. When Jesus said on the cross, “Oh, God, why hast thou forsaken me?” whoever transcribed those words caught Jesus at his most vulnerable moment of human weakness. Not really fair! I mean we all fall into the trap of thinking we are finite. I would find it difficult to act otherwise if I were nailed to a cross, wearing a crown of thorns and jabbed in the side with a spear. I think what Jesus really meant was “Oh fuck, why have I forgotten that I am infinite?” He did sort of retract his question by saying, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” He actually meant, “Forgive them for they do not understand Infinity.”

Of course there are others throughout history who have had the experience of the infinite. We often hear references to Leary, Baba Ram Dass, McKenna, and Jung. But in my dream last night, I also heard William Blake reciting from his poem Auguries of Innocence: “To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower; hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.” I also saw in my dream a film clip from Busby Berkeley’s Golddiggers of 1935.  The “Lullaby of Broadway.” I wish I had time to play it for you here, but I don’t. It’s really quite incredible considering it’s aHollywoodproduction. I strongly recommend that you see it. You’ll know what I mean. George Carlin made an appearance and his comedy was filled with an obvious understanding of the ego-death trip while he walked on stairs painted by M.C. Escher. The next thing I remember was hearing the music from Harry Nilsson’s “The Point,” the children’s animated cartoon. It was the song, “Think about Your Troubles.” Once again, if you haven’t seen it or heard it, I highly recommend you do!

They are all examples of the Moebius Strip; of infinity expressed in poetry, music, art and comedy; examples of the yin and yang of it all. When I woke up, my first thought was “no wonder we are frustrated and fed up! We understand how totally unnecessary it is for any human on this planet to have to suffer.” But I tell you, dear hippies, as you peacefully protest the policies of our government, our leaders and would-be leaders, the economic and social injustices all around us, the disrespect of our planet… as you fight the good fight and feel betrayed by those who have the power to make this a happier world and refuse to do so… think of the Moebius Strip. Make a Moebius Strip bracelet to remind you. Witness your own infinite beings doing the protesting. And remember, the real problem with hippies is that we just know too fucking much!

Peace and infinite love. Namaste!

Hunga Dunga Phil


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