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To the Oppressed and Disenfranchised: Will you be my Valentine?

If Trump gets re-elected, an historian says, the rest of the world will go through a period of realignment, most likely with China emerging as the eminent power.

If he is not limited to one term, his presidency will no longer be considered an outlier, a blip, and a blasphemous mistake in our history! The new America will be “normalized” within eight years. That would be a good time to start a war, declare martial law, and suspend elections.

Now would be the perfect time for President Miller… I mean President Trump… to purge the United States of as many immigrants as possible. If they are not white, they will probably vote Democratic, so give them the boot.

Forgive my Freudian slip, but it’s only natural. After all, Stephen Miller has Trump’s ear more than anyone else, even Kelly. Miller speaks for Trump’s base, and Trump counts on the base to get him over the top in the next election. In a country where only a little more than half of those who are eligible actually vote, it only takes a bit over 30% to win an election. Trump has those loyalists in his pocket as long as he listens to Miller.

Stephen Miller’s racist and white supremacist views are so radical that 17 respected Jewish organizations have asked the White House to fire him. Miller doesn’t even want DACA to pass. Nor does Trump. That is why he is sticking to his “four pillars” so tenaciously.

Miller’s family must be embarrassed. He comes from a very liberal, comfortable, Jewish family in Southern California. He is only two degrees of separation from his mother’s immigrant family, who came to the US from Belarus in the early 1900’s to escape the anti-Jewish pogroms of the Russian Empire. They spoke only Yiddish, were poor, but free. They learned to speak English, worked hard, and captured the “American Dream.”

But Stephen seems to have inherited not an iota of empathy from his background. He comes from an immigrant family, but hates immigrants! So very strange, reminiscent of Roy Cohn, who had not a lick of empathy for homosexuals, loathed them and made their lives miserable, yet was one himself. Go figure, a homo-homophobe!

Miller’s mentor, the friend he made at Duke, is Richard Spencer. Spencer coined the term ‘alt-right’ and is a prominent leader in the white supremacist movement. Spencer whispers into Miller’s ear, Miller whispers into Trump’s ear, and Trump listens, happy to think that one day, the United States will once again be a majority white, male oligarchy and he will rule at his will.

In the meantime, there has been a revolution. It is called the #metoo movement. It is overwhelmingly female, though any male with a brain would be part of it. If anything will save us, it will be the women. Among the oppressed and disenfranchised in America, too many are women, yet they are half our population! Though it is overtly an issue of gender, it is really one of power.

To the issue of gender, add the elements of race and ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, political and economic status, and you have the makings of a huge number of oppressed and disenfranchised people.

Now if they would only vote!

If they don’t, the situation will only get worse. The brief “rush” of bonuses from Trump’s tax plan will soon wither. The true impact of the plan on most Americans will eventually hit home, but by then it will be too late.

Give the already-so-rich-they-don’t-know-how-to-spend-their money, tax breaks that will increase the national debt by 1.5 trillion dollars for which you and I will have to pay. Add to that the debt caused by ‘modernizing our military’ and the long overdue infrastructure plan, which doesn’t even have high-speed rail in it! How can Republicans remain so calm? Won’t their children and grandchildren suffer for what they do now, just as ours will suffer? Or do they remain unruffled because they haven’t told us yet how severely they plan to ‘reform’ Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Food Stamps.

As I write I see the number of oppressed and disenfranchised growing. I see mad men fomenting war and a President who will order martial law, calling out the troops to maintain order. And then, of course, we’ll have to suspend the upcoming election.

But wait! Is that an army of women I see in the streets? Is it growing in number with men who can empathize and support them or are victims themselves? Are they of all races, ethnicities religions, and backgrounds? As they march are they picking up the stragglers who are too tired and poor, but yearning to breath free? Do they extend a hand to the wretched, homeless and tempest-tossed?

If they do and if they are marching arm in arm to the polls to vote, then there is a good chance we can take our country back and undo the damage Trump has and will have done. If not, I fear there may be truth to what that historian said and we will become an isolated, divided and always fearful people. This can and will not be!


The Unapologetic Hippie