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The T-rump, Jesus Hicks, and Repugnants!

Donald Trump! A conundrum. I’m not sure I can use any adjectives that haven’t already been used. He says he loves the Bible. Scary. Next to his own books, it’s his favorite. Why doesn’t anyone quiz him on his knowledge of this book he loves more than his own? No one seems to have the courage to bust him. I bet he couldn’t quote one passage from the Bible. And that’s fine with me. I wish he had never said he loved it, but since he did, why doesn’t anyone challenge him on it? Why is the rest of the GOP field giving him so much slack, especially since it is filled with Fundamentalist Christians? (Oops. Talk about timing, Ben Carson just gently questioned Trump’s faith. I’d better write fast. Things change so fast. I don’t know if I can keep up.)

I am all for single payer universal health care and so is the T-rump! He quietly sticks up for Planned Parenthood. I don’t get it. Is he a democrat after all? He certainly isn’t a pro-lifer, though he may invoke his personal aversion to abortion. Big deal. Don’t we all? For all practical purposes, I think he’s still pro-choice. He says he will “cherish women.” I think this is a code that only women get. My guess is it means something like, “don’t worry about it, honey… I’ll take care of ya.” I like this Donald, though I don’t like his condescending sexism.

I respected him when, at the first debate, he wouldn’t promise to support whomever the Republican nominee might be, and to not run a campaign as an independent. I was disappointed when he eventually signed a “pledge” attesting to these terms because I was holding out hope that perhaps he and Sanders would run as independents, ending the two-party system once and for all.

He does touch a chord in me. It’s a primitive chord. I am sure we all have it. It’s the one that’s tempted to stereotype because it makes life so much easier to understand. It’s the chord that finds scapegoats to blame for our problems because it makes those problems seem so much easier to solve. It’s the chord strummed by fear, which echoes the speech of hate and the acts of hate.

Most of us are fortunate that education, travel, and life experiences have helped us corral these base temptations and primitive instincts and not allowed them to rule our lives. Life is not readily understood. It is a mystery. Problems are most often not clear-cut and easy to solve. They are nuanced and complex. Maintaining some self-control and decorum is difficult, but that’s what makes us “civilized.” T-rump and the Repugnants know we, as a society, are about to go over the edge. All we need is more hate-mongering, race-baiting, and open/carry laws. We can all kill each other and get it over with!

But T-rump has touched that chord in the hearts of all who do not wish to rise above their basest instincts and corral their animalistic tendencies. They are simpletons, plain and true. Yet he talks to them as if they were truly the Native Americans and as if they were not the descendants of immigrants themselves! The irony. The hypocrisy.

He speaks of a fabulous wall to keep the undesirables out. He speaks of the “anchor babies” that lead to entire families being supported by those “nativists” who work for a living! He spreads fear and paranoia among the undereducated and downright ignorant. Remember this is the Donald that brought the “birther” issue to us right after Obama was elected the first time around. He spent millions of dollars trying to prove that Obama was not born in the United States and he was tenacious in his struggle to prove it. He would not let it rest for years. His stubbornness knows no bounds and I am sure he would never admit he was wrong about Obama or anything else, for that matter.

This is the T-rump I do not like. This is the T-rump I do not want to see in any position of power. This is the man I could never see representing our country on the world stage. This man is a warmonger, though he probably doesn’t mean to be. He is just so mega-maniacal and insulting, he would start an international incident and then shrug his shoulders while his finger reached for the red button.

The T-rump says that Kim Davis, County Clerk from the great county of Grayson, and the greater state of Kentucky, needs to obey the Supreme Court decision on Marriage Equality and issue marriage licenses, despite her religious beliefs. He believes in separation of Church and State. These things I like about T-rump.

Kim Davis says that to issue marriage licenses would violate her apostolic faith. Therefore she will not issue any, despite the fact that taxpayers are paying her salary to do what comprises her job description. One could list here many of her character flaws… sins, divorces, drugs and alcoholism, her reputation for intimidating subordinates, the political nepotism so endemic in small inbred Appalachian towns, and especially her poor taste in husbands.

This last one… her current husband… now he’s a work of art! He’s the poster boy for all that is wrong with America and why this country just doesn’t seem to work right anymore. He epitomizes the pure stupidity of an electorate who votes for politicians who in no way legislate upon their behalf or in their best self-interests.

To lesser or greater degrees, all the GOP candidates are striking chords with this constituency, which is close to one quarter of the entire electorate. Do you realize the enormity of the aggregate stupidity of this country?

But T-rump, which I call him because he brings out the Jurassic in me, doesn’t scare me nearly as much as some of the other Repugnants. There are a few GOP candidates I will consider Republicans because they do seem capable of a modicum of decency. I will list them now, because the list is very short:

Rand Paul… I don’t consider him a Republican or a Repugnant. He’s an innocuous Libertarian. I agree with many of his foreign policies. His domestic ones are less than synchronous with mine.

John Kasich… He seems to be a reasonable guy with a semblance of decency and empathy. He’s the kind of Republican my very Democratic parents would have liked… sort of like Ike.

The rest are truly repugnant and shall henceforth be known as Repugnants to distinguish them from the few reasonable men and women I can fearlessly call Republican. Here are the Repugnant candidates and at least one reason they are repugnant: 

Ben Carson… if he had his way we would be a Christian theocracy instead of a secular democracy.

Carly Fiorina… the wicked witch, who instead of creating jobs, destroyed them by the tens of thousands, ruining the lives of millions. She bankrupted companies and drove them into the ground, and then left with multi-million dollar golden parachutes. Oh yeah, Carly, Carly, she’s the last one the dying middle class needs!

Chris Christie… He’s a crook. Sorry. Bully bratty fatty. Every time I see him I think of Toronto’s Rob Ford. Hope you get the reference

Scott Walker… Smart and cunning. Slippery. Smooth talker. Really bad news. Bigot. Racist. He has a Survivalist mentality. Lots of money behind him, but he will be his own worst enemy. He’s nothing to worry about. (Update: Now he is really nothing to worry about!)

Ted Cruz… This guy is the anti-Christ! Just to look at his smarmy face brings such a violent reaction, I scare myself. To hear his voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Can you tell I really hate this guy? When I see him on TV, I yell at him and call upon the fates to destroy him. Is that unhippie of me? He is eloquent and uses his silver tongue to sell the snake oil of fear. Fear is what he embodies. Fear is what he promotes. Fear him!

Lindsey Graham… A man that obviously wants to go to war to make up for some personal inadequacies… could it be a penile problem? I do like his Southern fairy charm, though. I don’t think he is a mad man like some of these others. I guess you could construe that as a compliment.

Mike Huckabee… Oh, Lord… if I believed in you I would pray that you rapture this person as soon as possible because he is making a hell on earth here. To think that any American citizen who understands the basic principles of the Constitution, would declare that it is his particular Supreme Being, and not the Supreme Court who has the final say in legislative matters simply unnerves me.

The way his people orchestrated the rally upon the release of Kim Davis was truly impressive opportunism. Poor Ted Cruz was discreetly escorted away so that Huckabee could really bask in the Lord’s halo. Then he had the nerve to use “Eye of the Tiger” as an anthem for Kim the Martyr. May they all be burned at the stake!

Jim Gilmore… Who?

Jeb Bush… I think Jeb is probably a nice guy. I think he can be reasoned with. But unless he admits to the unwarranted wars and crimes against humanity of which his brother W and cronies are guilty, he will never shed the stigma of being a Bush. To make matters worse, many of the people behind the scenes are the same ones who strategized for his brother… you know, the usual suspects. So how can anyone trust him?

Piyush (Bobby) Jindal… Hindu makes good in American politics? Of course! What else would you expect from over-achieving, rich, well-educated and connected Indians whose children traded the rituals and outlandish garb of Hinduism for the rituals and outlandish garb of Catholicism. You know those converts! They are more militant than those born into the religion. Beware!

George Pataki… Other than a highway named after him, I am not aware of any wondrous talents he has. When he left the New York Governor’s office, the New York Post political writer Fred Dicker wrote of Pataki’s tenure, accusing the Governor of broken promises, inattentiveness to his duties, and a focus on maintaining power. It was entitled “Good Riddance.” After reading it, I don’t think I want a Welcome sign for him at the White House.

Rick Perry… I feel sorry for him. If digital letters could fade, then his name would have disappeared by the time I finished this sentence. (Update: He did disappear before I finished the sentence!)

Rick Santorum…God, what is it with these Catholics! Pope Frank is more liberal, understanding, and empathetic than Rick or any of these other freakishly strict Christians. Why can’t they get it through their thick skulls that we are not a nation under the thumb of any one god or any god whatsoever? Jeez!

Marco Rubio… Here we come to the most dangerous of all. Cute. Young. Eloquent. Practiced. He must practice ten hours a day on his speeches, his stance, his inane jokes and his religious fanaticism. He must look in the mirror every chance he gets to admire his dark eyes and deep dimples. Egad, God! Protect us from what will be an appeal to the millenials to ditch the experienced elders in favor of nothing more substantial than a youth pastor with evil intentions. He stands for everything I am against. Of all the GOP candidates, Rubio worries me the most. Huckabee and others are scary, but it is Rubio who has the chance. He lurks in the wings. Timing is everything. He has a Sugar Daddy with lots of money. No worries there. I wonder what he’ll have to do for it?

One of the things I like Trump is that he is exposing the GOP candidates for who they truly are. If the Donald were not there, the others would manage to hide behind flowery phrases and the rhetoric of apocalyptic fear. With the raw bluntness of T-rump, the others will have to drop their charades. And that is a wonderful thing… to see the Republican agenda naked!


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