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Ten Minutes Left!

Maybe this is the time I should be starting my opus major. After all I must have at least 10 minutes left. Ten minutes is a long time considering how extraordinarily fast the mind works. I’m wondering if you can hear me thinking? I wonder if you can keep up? I wonder if you’ll want to ask me the big question. Will I stay or will I go? If I stay there may be trouble. If I go there may be double. Ten minutes left. I’m wondering if you can hear me thinking? Can you get inside my head? Do you care?

The aging process proceeds at an incrementally faster rate… an alarming rate. Once, the universe was my playground. The entire planet was at my disposal. Now I feel confined to my fenced-in yard when the weather allows, or inside my home when it doesn’t. At this rate, I will be confined to a chair or a bed any moment. How nice it would be to have a view that allowed me to pretend my world were more expansive.

Soon I may be confined to only my mind! Won’t that be a trip! If any of the many psychotropic journeys of my past holds true… something on which I’m counting… inner space will be as extraordinary as the outer space I have been so fortunate to explore. But maybe they are merely the same.

Well, surely by now, I must have used up a few milliseconds of your time, for which I am so very grateful. So let’s begin! I still have a lot to say! And feel free to ask my opinion on anything!

Yours for the time being,

The Unapologetic Hippie