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Slut or Whore?

Are you a slut or a whore? There is a difference you know. A slut is someone who is indiscriminate, promiscuous, and hedonistic. Maybe the image of a gutter comes to mind. Maybe it’s that drunken babe doing it in the alley with some equally inebriated blur of a guy whose name she doesn’t even know. Or maybe it’s that gay stud on ecstasy who goes into the back room that’s so dark he can’t see whom he’s blowing or who’s blowing him or the three other guys whose hands are groping them both. He doesn’t want or need to know. Only the shadows know. And that’s how he likes it. All of the above mentioned people are sluts! And it’s OK!

Both the babe and the stud seem to lack a sense of decorum and good taste. But they are doing what they do because they like it. Because it gives them pleasure and they find it exciting. If they are doing it just for the pleasure and the excitement, they are sluts. I am sure you can think of many women whom you would call a slut. And I would guess that most frat guys turn into sluts at their toga or hazing parties. But if their behavior seems unsavory, that’s your problem. “Slut” should not be considered insulting or derogatory. In fact, recently, sluts have begun to protest this point of view. And if you can get out of your own constructs of morality, you might even find that being a slut can have positive connotations.

But “whore” is an entirely different animal. Whores also are indiscriminate, promiscuous, and hedonistic. But they do what they do not for the pleasure and excitement, but for the money and only the money!

I would say that one of the biggest whores in this country is the mainstream media, and more whorish yet, the ad agencies that produce the commercials inserted into the mainstream news. In fact, I think you can learn more from studying the commercials than you can from the news programs themselves.

There are so many US and global ad agencies, there are too many to list here. The top five are McCann Erickson Worldwide, BBDO Worldwide, JWT, Y&R, and DDB Worldwide. Other notable agencies are R&R Advertising and Persuasion (the agency behind the Clean Coal commercials,) Campbell Ewald, White & Partners, and Benton & Bowles. They are all whores, for they do not care who or what the client is or represents. They are only interested in how much money they can make from them. One of the ad agencies even has the gall to use as its slogan, “We’ll make you look good no matter who you are.”

Other ads are created by umbrella organizations like the American Petroleum Institute who hire agencies to produce the commercials for Natural Gas and “I Vote 4 Energy.” (Look for the fine print at the end of the ads.) These agencies are also whores, because they do it for the money, not for the pleasure or excitement. If only they were just sluts, I might have some respect for them!

Take the “I Vote 4 Energy” ads. I can conjure up the casting director holding auditions. He or she is looking for people who seem genuine and non-professional. They must be pleasant looking, but not too good looking. Maybe someone who looks like a typical housewife or that clean-cut grad student guy who will appeal to the younger demographic. As long as they don’t look like actors even though they are all actors! And oh how I’d like to interview those auditioning!

Phil: So you’re auditioning for the “I Vote 4 Energy” commercial?

Actor #1: Yes, I am.

Phil: Do you realize that this is merely a ploy of the fossil fuel industry and is misleading, if not a downright lie?

Actor #1: Maybe so, but I really need the money.

Phil: Maybe so… you whore!

Phil: So you’re auditioning for the “I Vote 4 Energy” commercial?

Actor #2: Why yes, I am.

Phil: You do realize this ad is being produced by the American Petroleum Institute and is advocating drilling for oil wherever it may be found, even in pristine national wildlife refuges and the building of the XL pipeline?

Actor #2: Yes, I know that. I believe we must become energy self-sufficient no matter what the consequences.

Phil: Oh, I see… you slut!

How about the ad for clean coal? The R&R Agency is looking for a spokesperson. An agent calls a client he represents.

Agent: Jim… good news! I have an audition for a commercial scheduled for you.

Jim: Great! What’s the commercial?

Agent: It’s for Clean Coal.

Jim: There is no such thing!

Agent: But they’re paying scale and a half!

Jim: Well, in that case, I’ll be there!

Jim is a whore! And the commercial for Natural Gas?

Agent: Monica, I have an audition for you scheduled Tuesday at 11AM.

Monica: Great Arnie! Who’s it for?

Agent: It’s a commercial for Natural Gas.

Monica: You mean the one that makes it sound like fracking is safe and reliable?

Agent: Yeah, that’s the one.

Monica: Well sure Arnie. I think the dangers of fracking are greatly exaggerated.

Monica is a slut! But let’s do that one again under a more hopeful, but less plausible, scenario.

Agent: Monica, I have an audition for you scheduled Tuesday at 11AM.

Monica: Great Arnie! Who’s it for?

Agent: It’s a commercial for Natural Gas.

Monica: You mean the one that makes it sound like fracking is safe and reliable?

Agent: Yeah, that’s the one.

Monica: I’m sorry Arnie. Absolutely not! Fracking is an environmental disaster about to happen. I won’t have anything to do with it!

Agent: You turn this one down and you’d better start looking for a new agent.

Monica: OK, Arnie. I’ll start looking right now!

Monica is neither a slut nor a whore. She is a brave and rare American patriot!

I haven’t bothered to delve into the behind-the-scenes of political ads, especially the plethora of negative ads. Certainly the under-educated and the gullible may fall for the lies and the out-of-context quotes and statistics attributed to the targeted opposition candidate. But I trust most intelligent people can find the flaws and falsity contained within them. And there are many websites that expose the false statements and statistics. There are agencies (aka pimps/lobbyists) that will not represent conservative agendas and there are agencies that will not represent liberal agendas. But for most advertising agencies, it is simply a matter of money. For the right amount of money, “We will make you look good no matter who you are!”

To sum up… if you believe in something, but behave contrary to your belief for the sake of money, then you are a whore.

If you believe in something, and behave in accordance with your belief for the sake of pleasure and excitement, then you are a slut.

If you believe in something and behave accordingly for no other reason than it will further the good of all humankind, you are a hippie.

I think of myself as an unapologetic hippie. At one time in my life I may have been called a slut. But now that I am in my “golden” years, I am only a slut in my mind. I am not a whore because I did not get paid for writing this article!