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I Want a Divorce!

We have been together now for 68 years, 53 of which I have contributed financially and emotionally to this marriage. I can no longer turn a blind eye and deaf ear to your shenanigans. I’ve had it!

I’ve had it with your cheating, your lies, scams, spins, and misrepresentations. And you wonder why I no longer trust you. You say, “Love me or leave me.” Well, I must have been out of my mind not to leave you sooner. Now it is too late. I am too old, ageing continues to take its toll, and I have others in my life to consider besides myself.

You must think I am stupid not to have known all along that you were not to be trusted. I admit I gave you the benefit of the doubt repeatedly, only to feel like a fool when the truth finally unearthed itself. No more! Run to your corporate lovers and see if they satisfy you more. I admit I cannot compete with them for your affection or with their Viagra-engorged, moneyed pricks which seem to satisfy all your physical needs. I cannot persuade your nubile, young, undereducated bimbo lovers to see beyond your dashing looks and your silver tongue which spouts out-of-context sound bites; sweet nothings in their ears. I cannot persuade them of the harm they will bring to themselves by succumbing to your wily enticements, except by telling them of what you have done to me.

My days are filled with your lies and deceit. Clean coal and energy independence only at the expense of what remains of our sullied environment and to the aggrandizement of the American Petroleum Institute; disease-curing pharmaceuticals that only cause more disease… foisted upon me by the doctors you own, who will soon enough realize that Western medicine as we know it will become useless because the more you insist I take their drugs, the more ineffective they become. You lie about the very food I eat, filled with poisons and grotesque fillers. You lie about genetically modified seeds with which I can grow one season of crops that cannot regenerate themselves, but force me to buy more seed from you each year.

You lie about the equality of my sister when you try to take away her right to have control over her own body. You lie when you say unionism is a cause of my economic woes. You lie when you tell me you are fighting a war against terrorism. You speak of transparency, yet conduct your business behind opaque curtains and soundproof rooms, thinking what transpired will never see the light of day, though it always does eventually. If you have perceived me as someone easy to deceive, it was only because I was trying to show patience and optimism. But now it’s too late. You’ve deceived me once too often.

I watch TV, trying not to think about you, but it doesn’t work. You are on every station saying the same lies over and over, trying to water-board me into compliance or resignation. Every advertisement you show me is a lie. Every mainstream news story you tell me is a lie. You lie when you say you are number one; the greatest on earth, the best fed, the best educated, and the healthiest. You lie when you say you are the most just, or that you have the cleanest air and water. You lie when you say this is a Christian nation. You lie so much that it becomes too difficult to discern the few things that might be true. It is far easier and safer to just assume that everything you say is a lie. And when there is nothing more to believe in, many will turn to God. But not I. God is the biggest lie and troublemaker of them all! How dare you invoke any of them!

What do you do behind my back, when I’m not looking or out of sight? Do you do anything of which you can be proud? Do you only believe in maximizing profits even if it means the suffering of me or others? Even if it means the middle class will no longer exist? Even if it means the destitute will turn desperate, which will give you more people to incarcerate? Is that what you define as democracy? Do you celebrate the diversity all around you? Are your streets free from hate? You lie when you promise me I won’t go to bed hungry, cold or insecure. When will you learn to face the truth and do the right thing?

You go to your office supposedly to work, but it is filled with dirty laundry and smelly jockstraps. You are filled with greed and foment fear and hate. You’re nothing but a mega-corporation and despite what you say publicly, you will step on me to make a buck and damned if I get in your way, you just tell me that’s my bad luck. You tell me there is no such thing as the “haves” and “have-nots,” but the “haves” and the “soon-to-haves.” What a crock! You tell me this is a land of wealth. It is, but only for the wealthy, not the poor like me. You tell me this is a land of health… but only for the wealthy, not the poor like me. You make me pay, you make me bleed. You are a front man for a sado-nation. You can’t even see your own third world nation that cries itself to sleep. 

All you can see is your free market and unregulated competition. There is so much competition, you have no time to think or care. Your stocks go down a cent or two… the sky is falling, what will you do? You’ll blame it on me and then give your CEO a big fat raise while you implement your downsizing phase, cut health care, pensions, and put 5,000 more out on the streets.

But I have seen the real you. You can no longer hide from me, deceive me, and cuckold me. I have seen the lies you pass off as truths with such aplomb few would doubt you. But I more than doubt you. I know you are a liar. And that’s the problem with lies. Once betrayed, it takes a very long time to regain my trust. It is like rebuilding a mansion of the heart, stone by stone. It takes years. And as you place the final touches on that mansion, should I detect one lying stone, I will demolish the entire building. Do you understand? Do you have the strength of character to start rebuilding again? Oh, you will try, but for every stone that hides a lie, I will demolish that building too! Maybe, just maybe, after years of rebuilding from the ground up, I will take you back because I want to love you. I want to love you so much, but it is so hard having been betrayed time and time again.

I warn you it’s getting very close to midnight. It’s getting very late. I have seen a vision from the bottom up and now I want an end to this pain once and for all. I have had enough. I want a divorce! I want a divorce on grounds of irreconcilable differences, alienation of affection, infidelity and spousal abuse. I want as part of my divorce settlement the following:

I want to be paid back every cent I gave you or you took out of my paychecks for 53 years. I want all my money that went to fund your frivolous corporate-serving wars or that subsidized energy conglomerates. I want every cent back that went to bail out Wall Street and the big banks and the money you stole from my pension fund. I want it all back at the interest I used to get from my savings bank, let’s say four or five percent. If you are going to fool around with my money, spend it unwisely on a bunch of the 1%-er trollops, or to the detriment of any poor slob anywhere in the world, or simply hoarding it for your own fun and amusement… I want my money back! And I suspect the settlement would be considerably more than the $16,000 a year you think you are so generously giving me as a “hand-out.” Hand-out! I worked hard for that money. I deserve it. I might just demand half of everything you own!

If you have anything to say in your defense, tell it to my lawyers at the firm of Occupy, Occupy, Occupy, Occupy, and Occupy.America, you are beautiful. But America, you are a whore!