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Trump: Now Do You See?

Now do you see how a person like Hitler could come to power? We have in our midst the opportunity to study in real time how a maniacal egomaniac might persuade the majority of a country’s electorate to vote for a man and his policies, both of which are patently fascistic.

Number one: Make sure at least one third of your electorate is made up of undereducated religious fanatics who have intermarried with close relatives spawning a new and stupider generation to come, and who will never be persuaded that owning a tank or grenade launcher is not guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

Number two: At every possible moment, create anxiety and fear among your ardent supporters. If you must exaggerate, embellish, mislead, or downright lie… by all means do so. Take advantage of every tragedy, and there is at least one a day, and use it for your political ends. Only by keeping your supporters in a constant state of fear and paranoia, will you have a chance of maintaining any standing in the polls, which is far more important than credibility. Know that fear is very contagious… perhaps more so than the flu. By keeping your crowd in a state of constant paranoia, you increase the likelihood that their fear will spread to others, and if lucky, you might see full-fledged panic in the streets. That would certainly make your day.

Number three: Now that you have brought your crowds to the edge of pandemonium it is time to find a scapegoat for all of the fear and paranoia you have created… someone or something you can blame for all of your supporter’s woes and the indisputable fact that by 2020, white children will be in the minority and by 2044 white Americans will be wholly outnumbered by non-whites. Blame someone or something like MUSLIMS and radical Islam! Yeah… that’s the ticket! In the aftermath of the San Bernadino shootings, Muslims are the perfect scapegoat. Or maybe, Jose can you see all those dirty Mexican rapists and criminals takin’ r jobs… I tells ya… they’re takin’ r jobs!

Number four: If you can only keep up the level of fear mongering to a near fever pitch, you can easily persuade your supporters to trade your promises of national and domestic security for a few civil liberties. In fact, for the privilege of not being fearful, you may decide it wisest to dispel with such things as habeas corpus, Miranda rights and the First Amendment. But there is one problem. Everyone owns a gun. All good fascists know that this cannot be condoned. Only people whose loyalty is unquestioned can be armed. Since you can’t say a word that whispers “gun control,” the next best bet is to be as divisive as possible. Have everyone hating anyone else who isn’t the same as him or her. Such rancor within the population will guarantee no one group can rise to throw you out! With such disarray, it will be easy to go from President to Dictator.

Number five: Enjoy your neo-isolationist, fascist dystopia. It will only last a while. The pendulum swings. The people will remember. Déjà vu for some. Others are too young to know or only read about it in school, that is if history hasn’t been rewritten yet. We have been here before. We promised never to be here again. What happened?

Religion happened. Evangelical religion. Fanatic religion. Money religion. All religion. All evil! The “kingdom of god” has never been outside your own being… not in a book called the Bible, not in a book called the Koran, not in a book called the Talmud. Not in the Mahabharata or Buddhist scripture. They are all stories. They are all works of fiction. And they are responsible for most of the world’s ills.

Let peace begin with me. Let my brothers and sisters not be duped by the fear and paranoia of the right wing. Embrace diversity. Get answers for yourselves and not from some political blowhard buffoon. There is nothing in the Koran that is any worse than that which is written in the Old Testament. Hold all religions suspect as well as all Repugnants (a subset of Republicans.) Keep your rural and urban antennae up! And remember, this is only the beginning. In the meantime, just say, “Harrumph to Trumph.” (Well, I had to make it rhyme!)

Peace to all beings,

Phil, The Unapologetic Hippie

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