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Dear Mentally Disturbed Lone Wolves,

Please don’t take this letter as any kind of encouragement to go off on another murder spree, but if I, or anyone else, can’t dissuade you from doing so… if it’s inevitable that your twisted mind will compel you to commit a nasty deed sometime, somewhere… at least let me hint at ways you might kill two birds with one stone… satisfy your thirst for blood, gore, and mayhem and do the rest of us a favor while you’re at it! Why prey on the innocent when there are so many worthier targets?

You put so much thought and preparation into being a killing machine, yet little thought into whom you kill. High school students? Elementary school kids? College students? Moviegoers? Churchgoers? Please, how lame is that? I do understand that often your motives are simply to cause pure terror and nothing else. But I suspect you are avenging something… a person, an institution… something or someone you think hurt you. Though there may be nothing in fact to support it, what your mind perceives as the truth, is the truth… is your reality. I get it!

But you lose me when you target innocents… the indiscriminate killing of people who haven’t the slightest intention of ever harming you… who are simply on their way to class, shopping, having lunch, praying, watching a movie or just minding their own business. Why do you wipe them off the planet when there are so many others who… if they no longer walked among us… might actually make our world a better place?

You clean the many kinds of guns to which you have easy access. You get out the ammo and line up the appropriate bullets for each. You deftly load each magazine. You carefully calibrate the guns’ sights. You sharpen your switchblade and pack your bag with explosives. You go through so much trouble to be prepared. Yet you don’t seem to even consider all those who would not be terribly missed if they happened to meet with a sudden and shocking end.

Lone wolves… most of us are mentally disturbed in one way or another. It’s just that somehow we were lucky enough to learn how to minimize our dark sides and maximize our civil sides… some of us just barely! Oh, a few try to live entirely in the light with a modicum of success, but most of us regular folk struggle. And a very few like you never even got to see the light and if you did, you didn’t stay there very long, but returned to the dark. I understand, lone wolf. I hope you get to experience a love someday that will help you cross back over into the light. But should that not happen…

You are in a unique position to provide instant karma to those whose presence in this world makes a mockery of justice, social and economic equality, and respect for the earth. They know nothing of love for their fellow human. They see peace as a threat to their bottom line… a bottom line that just happens to do better when there’s a war!

I could provide you with a list of names, that should they “disappear,” may satisfy your desire to wreak havoc and at the same time bring a sigh of relief to many… even quiet applause. I could provide you with such a list to use the next time you go over the edge, but I fear our all-knowing government would put me on a list of people to be “observed.”

As a hippie, I really can’t condone violence. But there are times when I fantasize that there is an “Avenger.” He does not pick easy targets like you do, but comes to the aid of all who have been screwed by the system and targets those who turn the screws. He comes to the aid of all who have been humiliated, incarcerated, beat up, made to live in poverty or at the edges of our society through the fear, ignorance, and greed of others. Somehow, the Avenger makes it right. Even if it requires “extraordinary measures.” He never goes for the easy targets… that would be cowardly and lazy.

The satisfaction I feel when the Avenger gets his due almost makes me drool! How he gets it, I can assure you, does not require pain and humiliation in any greater doses than those meted out by the people who abuse their authorities. As a hippie, all I can do is fantasize about the Avenger. Even that may be unhealthy and unhippie, but I think I truly understand how one can slip over the edge, reach the breaking point, and go ballistic… sort of like you! Am I close? Am I inside your head yet? Am I feeling you?

I wonder what keeps me in check, what keeps most of us in check… from not going over the edge? I do not know! Conscience? Spirituality? Fear of the law and other karmic consequences? (Something as simple as not having easy access to a gun?) Whatever it is, you Lone Wolves don’t seem to be bothered by any of them. That is why I ask you to be more discriminating in the future.

Though I can’t condone your violence, I ask all Lone Wolves out there, unhindered by law, conscience, or the consequences, to consider your targets more carefully, not just because they are close by and unthreatening. Put a little effort and thought into it. There are so many individuals whose sudden disappearance would make this world a little brighter. If you absolutely must carry out dastardly deeds, you may as well do them to dastardly people.

There are dastardly people in all walks of life, in every socio-economic class, and in every enterprise. Think greedy, young whippersnappers in the pharmaceutical industry who don’t give one whit for a person’s health but raise a vital drug’s price 5000%. Very cute!

Think everyone in the G.W. Bush administration, especially the ones behind the scenes… they’re all guilty of crimes against humanity! Think fossil fuel industry execs and their blatant disregard regard for the environment. Think anyone who would deny the civil rights of another. Think of politicians who are truly repugnant!

Think Wall Street! Here is where you could go really crazy and provide some instant karma to the heads of banks they think are too big to fail. They made a lot of misery for a lot of people. As Bernie says, “If they are too big to fail, they are too big to exist!” What satisfaction we would all feel if only one of those responsible for others misfortunes were doing jail time!

Think anyone in any industry, sitting in a position of decision-making power, whose companies pollutes our planet and whose executives and boards do little to reverse their destructive paths? How about some agribusinesses and their CEO’s who put corporate profits over our health? Names! I’m taking names!

It’s up to you, Lone Wolves. There are so many out there worthy of being “removed,” why pick on little kids, innocent bystanders, students, people praying, or people having fun. Think before you go ballistic! If you insist on taking out your frustrations, take them out on:

  1. _____________________________
  2. _____________________________
  3. _____________________________
  4. _____________________________
  5. _____________________________
  6. _____________________________
  7. _____________________________
  8. _____________________________
  9. _____________________________
  10. _____________________________

I suggest you fill this out and put it on your refrigerator as a reminder of who truly deserves to be forcibly “retired” (whatever that may mean.) Be an Avenger… but leave the innocent alone!


The Unapologetic Hippie