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Drones, Guns, T-rump, and Jeb!

I wish I could avoid the news but I can’t. It’s everywhere. I am engulfed by headlines; breaking news, gossip… on the television, the radio, Internet, social media, on the streets, and in my snail mail. When I check my weather app, the news is scrolling in the sidebar! I can’t help being up to date on the issues, even the insipid ones.

Those that can avoid the news have taken the plunge into the off-grid darkness of their own minds, trying to find the eternal light while they harvest root crops. Been there, done that. I applaud your efforts. True peace is internal. But the truth is, even in the hinterland, anyone who has any smarts will learn what’s going on in the world without even trying. It has to do with some kind of magical hippie osmosis.

Since I am being bombarded with information I did not ask for, I may as well share which ones are currently pissing me off! Here are today’s headlines that make me grit my teeth in anger. If you agree with any of them, please get vocal!

Drone Control? 

Oh, how ironic! The FAA and the DOT are going to require that every drone sold, both commercial ones and those favored by hobbyists, be registered. This way if any drone is found in restricted airspace or causes an accident, the owner of the drone can be found and punished accordingly. How practical. How sensible.

Restrictions and rules regarding drones should be completed and implemented before Christmas, a very fast timeline indeed, given the pace of government to do anything at all.

Too bad there isn’t an NDA as strong as the NRA. By now there would be angry outbursts about taking away people’s civil rights and yells of “der gunna take away ar drones!”

It drives me crazy to know that seemingly overnight, without one major accident or injury but only a few close calls, the Federal government is placing restrictions on drones and requiring mandatory registration!

Despite Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine, Roseburg… the list goes on and on… not one meaningful piece of legislation has been passed that would require the most common sense and practical gun controls: universal background checks everywhere, including sales at gun shows and online, limits on magazine capacity, and no automatic weapons which are specifically designed for killing lots of people and meant to be used by only the military!

Can anyone explain how so many deaths from guns (an average of 90 a day) cannot bring about the simplest gun reforms, and yet a few close calls by drones bring about immediate action? Anyone? Please?

Trump and Bush 

Who knew Repugnants could be so mean to each other? I love the ongoing tirades between Trump and Carson, Trump and Fiorina, Trump and every other Republican candidate. I love the way Trump calls each one of them out on their lies and deceit. Trump does my work for me. He jabs with generalities that seem more like gossip than substance, but once the details are unearthed, his accusations end up being true!

I am especially enjoying the current war of words between T-rump and Jeb concerning Jeb’s brother George W. and whether he was keeping us safe or not before and after 9/11. The trouble is this war of words is happening on Twitter which does not allow for too many nuances.

Does anyone remember when the two planes piloted by Saudi nationals brought down the Trade Towers?

  1. That H.W. and Barbara Bush recently finished entertaining members of the bin Laden family at the family ranch in Crawford, Texas? That members of the bin Laden family were friends with George and Laura and sometimes stayed at the Ranch? That the bin Ladens and the Bushs had close personal and economic ties?
  1. That while the country’s entire airspace was shut down, those members of the bin Laden family who happened to be in this country, were allowed to fly from wherever they happened to be by private jet to Washington, D.C.?
  1. It is highly probable FBI agents escorted them and the FAA was complicit. Once the more than two-dozen bin Laden family members were reunited in D.C. they were flown to Boston. When the airspace was reopened they, and another 140 Saudi nationals, were flown out of the country in two jumbo jets, even as Osama bin Laden was being accused, with little doubt, of being the likely perpetrator. Not one person in this group of Saudis was detained or interrogated. Who authorized this evacuation? Your guess is as good as mine.

Though I am not a fan of Trump’s, I have learned to listen to him carefully. Within his gross generalizations and outrageous accusations, there are some nuggets of truth. Squirm Jeb… or come clean and admit your brother is a jerk and committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. If you admitted to that, you might just get a boost in the polls!

Peace and Bern,

The Unapologetic Hippie