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Hunga Dunga: Sex as Spirituality

Here’s another taste of Book Two, Orbiting the Planet, from Hunga Dunga, A True Novel.  Giacco hooks up with a stunning, young Aussie couple in what was then Ceylon.  Please read the set up to this excerpt before viewing the video:

It was a Poya day, the monthly celebration of the full moon and therefore a public holiday.  Maybe there’d be a party.  We didn’t care.  We were too tired to be festive, especially me having had little sleep the night before.  We were completely content to sit in the overstuffed chairs in the lobby, just being quiet; each of us immersed in our own thoughts.  It was nice.

We had an early dinner in the hotel and once again, Peter could not stop himself from sampling the many different beers that were available.   He started with a stubbie of Three Coins.  After one sip, he declared it was piss!  So he ordered a second bottle, this time Lion Lager.  Much better.  He had a few of those, when he noticed a bottle of XXXX on the shelf.  Pure nostalgia in an alcoholic liquid.   Peter walked up to the beautiful and highly polished bar.  The bartender, poised in his white shirt and black-suspendered slacks, walked over to Peter and said, “May I be of service to you, sir?”

“Toss me over a nice cold Four X, mate, would ya please?  And maybe a shot of Mendis.”  Mendis was the best arrack around.  Triple-distilled whiskey made from the coconut palm.

Debra looked annoyed.  “You OK?” I asked.

“I’m a bit cheesed off right now,” she said quietly.  “Peter never drinks like this!  He’s going to be completely off his face if he doesn’t stop!  Men!  What they will do to get up their courage!”

I didn’t understand what she meant, but once again, we had to help Peter to the room.  Once again, we flopped him on the bed but this time pushed him over to the side.  Then Debra and I undressed and fell on the bed in the “nick” and pulled the blankets over us.  She reached across, shook Peter a bit, and said, “Peter.  Peter, you OK?  You’re not going to chuck up or anything, are you?”