You and Me


My name is Phil aka Chazan aka Jeremiah aka The Unapologetic Hippie. (That’s me in 1970, standing at the bottom of the stairs, arms outstretched.) Few would believe that I am a graduate of the Foreign Service School at Georgetown University. I intended on going into the diplomatic corps, but within a month of graduation I was dropping sugar cubes laced with 500mg of pure LSD 25 in the West Village.


I have been a hippie ever since and no one is more amazed than I that I am still alive. My travels, whether on this planet, outer space, or inner space, have been more magical and wondrous than any one person should be allowed. I am most grateful for my life as it approaches its end.

I am grateful I always kept journals, cards, letters, photos, etc. As a writer, these things are invaluable. Sometimes a simple phrase entered into a diary can trigger a Niagara Falls of memories. I am transported to a particular time and place. All my senses remember it in detail. I can recreate the entire scene, including the dialogue, so I can share it with anyone who happens to care.

I hope many do care, because I came of age, along with many others, at the most optimistic, happy, hopeful years of our lives. We were sure the Aquarian Age would begin any moment, despite Vietnam and race riots. We were wrong. We have been trying to figure out what happened ever since. Well, corporate capitalism, the military/industrial/media conglomerate, globalization, etc. may be the likeliest of culprits. Ya think? But once one has experienced love, light, infinity and the truth that we are all one, it is difficult not to want to get back to that garden. Know what I mean?

Enough about me! Now I want to hear about YOU!